• Exterior Duct and Units

    Exterior Duct and Units

    A recent installation at a Dollar General.

  • Roof Top Unit and Curb Adaptor

    Roof Top Unit and Curb Adaptor

    A replacement unit with one of our own custom made curb adapters.

  • Wayside Roof Top Replacement

    Wayside Roof Top Replacement

    A replacement we installed for a good customer and a great place to buy furniture.

  • Exhaust Fans and Curbs

    Exhaust Fans and Curbs

    The curbs were fabricated in our shop, specially made for shingled roofs.

  • Warehouse Ductwork

    Warehouse Ductwork

    Custom measuring of a job we installed.

  • Industrial Exhaust

    Industrial Exhaust

    Four industrial exhaust fans used for smoke evacuation.

  • Spiral Duct

    Spiral Duct

    An example of our work with spiral duct.

  • Commercial Condensers

    Commercial Condensers

    The exterior units on a shopping center installation of ours.

Residential and Commercial HVAC Leaders: Choice Aire

Akron, Canton and Cleveland's Heating and Cooling, and Refrigeration Experts

Residential HVAC - Choice Aire is your best choice for home heating and air conditioning throughout Akron, Canton and Cleveland. We are proud to be a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, proof that we have met Bryant's strict standards for technical expertise, customer service, continual quality, and business professionalism.

HVAC service, repair or replacement - Choice Aire will help you make an intelligent decision. If you are facing heating or air conditioning repairs, we will diagnose your problem and offer you alternatives. The decision to repair or replace depends on each person's situation. Choice Aire will present you with information to help you choose a solution, without pressure.

Commercial HVACR - From national chains to local restaurants, shopping centers and office buildings, Choice Aire has comprehensive Commercial HVACR capabilities. Our technicians have the experience, training and certifications necessary to professionally service your commercial environment. We are factory dealers for industry leading manufacturers, providing us access to their entire catalog with favorable terms.

Sustainability is an important aspect of our business. This is an effort which not only impacts our community, but your bottom line. High efficiency HVACR equipment consumes less energy while providing a high degree of comfort and control. There are a myriad of decisions involved in choosing the correct equipment in the correct capacity to receive the return expected. Count on Choice Aire to work with you to specify and install the best HVACR system for your situation.

Adjusting air flow in your ducts

Some rooms need more airflow than others, and sometimes there is a temperature disparity between rooms and/or levels in your home. Adjusting the air flow rate in the

Keeping a maintenance log for your system

Whether you do the preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system yourself or you have a professional company handle it, it is important to keep accurate

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Our Customers Say:

"We just had our furnace replaced last week and I can\'t believe the difference. Day / night between the old furnace and the one that Eric\'s guys put in. Took a day and a half and you never knew they were here when they finished. Offer some ..."
- Dave N.